Wilson Dixon Rides Again

Vic's Bar, Victoria Hotel Thursday 2nd April 2009

"When it comes to the river of metaphors, you're gonna need an actual boat"

I already go to see a lot of music around town, much of which I can go to for free, so it has to be something special for me to pay to see someone singing songs especially if I am leaving my camera at home. I don't know if I have seen Wilson's alter-ego at a gig, but one of my friends knew them and was jealous I was going.

You don't have to be a country music fan, but it does help if you at least don't hate it. Old Crow Medicine show was played for the intro and outro music to get people in the mood and there were quite a few people for a preview night.

Wilson Dixon is a Outlaw Country singer who has returned home from a tour to find his wife and children shacked up with the next door neighbour, leading him on a voyage of discovery with his horse Andrew and his crazy uncle in a mountain shack.

The songs during the show are great and they are a part of the narrative so probably wouldn't make sense to sing by themselves. They do have all the country clichés in them, but the character is self-aware enough to point these out. I don't know if Wilson has done a live to air on RRR's Twang country music show or similar shows, but I think he would do well with the audience.

I highly recommended show and the best way for me to start off the comedy festival for this year.



Created on ... April 4, 2009