Andrew McLelland and Lawrence Leung - Time Ninjas

Trades Hall, Thursday 23rd April 2009



After a kafuffle with a critic from the Age who shall remain nameless (he refused to go even if I shouted him) and also a Herald Sun columnist who didn't want to go to another show for other reasons, I decided to go to this show on my own and was the first in line and front and centre for the show. It was great to see Andrew and Lawrence acting as ushers, but it was probably not the best time to show Andrew photos from the Trade Aid concert I took last year.

The basic plot involves an audience member getting accidentally killed in a re-enactment and Andrew and Lawrence travelling back in time to stop it. Seeing as they have all of time to fix it, they decide to have some fun first and that is what most of the show is based around.

It was a really great show and Andrew and Lawrence were really enjoying themselves, the crowd was so supportive that they actually wanted them to go back in time to meet Erno Rubik (inventor of the Rubik's Cube) instead of Jesus, only they hadn't written a script for that part of the show, so Jesus it was (I didn't know Andrew had sung with the Polyphonic Spree either.)

Andrew was being a bit naughty on the night and Lawrence had to slap him a couple of times, Lawrence was unusually accident-prone for some reason, but it added to the show. It was funny seeing Lawrence getting cranky with the audience laughing at EVERY joke "Come on! We're not Barry-nominated", but it was the fans of his TV show that came to see the live show, which is why it sold out the night I saw it.

I have enjoyed Lawrence's TV show and I hope he and Andrew do another show together in the future. Also I think Andrew McClelland should do voice-over work as I like his spoken-word work also (the made up lunch order list was funny.)



Created on ... April 4, 2009