Featuring Nik Coppin (MC), Stephen K. Amos, Mark Butler, Dan Willis, Imaan, plus one more woman who I forgot the name of (sorry)
Exford Hotel upstairs, Friday 3rd April 2009

A special late-night show on the topic of sex from Thursday to Saturday during the festival. It was meant to start at 11.15pm, but didn't stat until 11.30 the night I went. I wasn't too concerned as I didn't have anything else to get to.

I only found out in the afternoon that Stephen K. Amos was going to be doing a spot at this show. He really enjoyed the chance to do some over the edge material to a very rowdy crowd. Most of his spot was spent trying to get a date with the gay friend of a front-row audience member via a mobile phone. He nearly had the audience turn on him at one point as he was getting lots of heckles and being very aggressive back to them.

I saw Mark Butler and Dan Willis last night, but they did do a funny sex story each.

There was another performer who I forgot the name of, she performed more brainy material and admitted there's not much lesbians can say about sex. Nice intelligent sexy jokes though.

Imaan was a great new talent, he did seem to be a bit nervous though as he was the last act of the show. He is a person of short stature and most of his material was about that and his trying it out on the ladies. He has been doing comedy for a few years, but this is the first time I have heard of him so his solo show should be interesting.

From what I saw of the show, this should be one of more interesting shows of the festival. If big international names feel comfortable enough to cut loose with their most profane stuff have enjoy themselves it is a good sign. The line-up will change each night hopefully with some big performers dropping in from time to time.



Created on ... April 4, 2009