Nik Coppin - Loquacious

Portland Hotel, Friday 3rd April 2009

I'm not going to lie, I've had a long week with Madness at the Palace Theatre on Tuesday and last night's shows so I was going to go home and watch a DVD, but thanks to Nik for giving me a comp to his show I got to go out and do something. Also it meant that I came back into the city to go to the Shaggers show also which I wouldn't have done otherwise.

I did enjoy Nik's material, but probably wouldn't have gotten around to getting to his show otherwise. I always try to sit up near the front in most shows I go to, even if it does mean getting picked on by the comedian most of the time. I am used to being right up the front near one side from when I take photos at gigs so I am used to it by now.

There were some jokes that were the same as his slot in "Best of British" but I still laughed at them and he does have some funny stories about Australia and the original name of an AFL team (you'll have to find that out at the show.)

If you can't catch Nik at this show, he is also involved in the "Best of British" show at the Exford and the "Shaggers" show from Thursday to Saturday during the festival.



Created on ... April 4, 2009