Evening: A Cabaret

with the Duskbuskers featuring Casey Bennetto, Aurora Kurth, Iain Grandage, David Abius
Old Council Chambers, Trades Hall, Tuesday 14th April 2009

I did try and see Sarah Bennetto's show, "Lucky" on the same night so I could get a Bennetto double-shot, but I would have missed the start of this show to do so and I wanted to see all the songs. Not to worry if you do end up being late, as you will not be hectored as with most stand-up acts, Casey and co just launch into a rendition of "funky latecomers" (there was a special guest latecomer in the show I was in, I thought it was funny.)

If you are there when the doors open, Casey, Iain Grandage and David Abius play some "finding your seat" music and insist that you can still talk during this time, they are just waiting for the last people to come in. There were some funny jokes in this part also. Casey plays the guitar and mandolin as well as singing, Ian and David play double bass, keyboards and cello with a bit of melodica to mix things up.

The theme of the show is about the world of the Evening as that is your own "8 hours recreation" to use as you wish each day. As the show is set in Melbourne the main themes are also Melbourne based with some highlights being songs of the suburbs, the Southern Star Observation Wheel and Whitehorse Rd.

I have heard tons and tons of songs about Melbourne from many different musicians and these songs are among the best I have heard. "Melbourne, Liveable City" was one of my favourite, explaining that Melbourne is an adequate city if nothing else.

Unfortunately I missed Aurora Kurth's show last year, but I had seen her sing in the last two Asylum Seeker Resource Centre concerts at the comedy festival in 2007 and 2008. She is really great in this show and even manages to pull off three costume changes within the hour. I won't spoil outfits for you, but they are really great costumes and it makes a funny counterpoint to one particular song when she sings of "looking like dynamite" and Casey meekly ads "I'll find a nice shirt...it's orange".

If you are brave then I recommend sitting up the front when Casey does the song about Greensborough by torchlight (he will sweat on you), I was worried he was going to fall off the stage as there were no other lights on. I also liked the song where they all came and sat on the edge of the stage to sing as it was eye-level with the audience and reminded me of some of the acoustic songs bands I know have done like this.

I would recommend this show as an accompaniment to other shows during the festival, just like white wine with fish. Casey even sings some recommendations during the show, which was a nice touch.



Created on ... April 4, 2009