Dave Bushell - Let the Kid Go

Trades Hall, Tuesday 21st April 2009

I missed Dave's show last year, but my friend had been to see him for four years in a row and couldn't make it this year so I thought I would go to see how he had progressed since I last saw him in 2007. I had also been seeing him around the festival quite a bit and I had been looking for a time to go see him.

The show combines Dave's travel stories from Europe with a relationship-gone wrong story with the plotlines crossing over at several points during each tale. Having not been overseas myself (although I get anonymous postcards from Europe, go figure), it was hard not to listen to the travel stories without feeling a little bit jealous, but I thought the stories were funny at least.

I also know someone who has been on a Channel 7 gameshow (The Weakest Link), so I enjoyed the story about Deal or No Deal as I still remember getting a taxi to the station with him from the airport.

The rest of the show went fine and Dave has made some big changes in his life recently, so I look forward to what he gets up to in the future.



Created on ... April 4, 2009