The Birdmann - 1 Line

Trades Hall, Tuesday 21st April 2009
with Mariko McConnell on piano and knot-tying

Friends the Town Bikes recommended this show and I had enjoyed the Birdmann's contributions to the Trade Aid concerts over the last couple of years.

It is a different comedy show in that the Birdmann keeps delivering one liners while being tied-up and with a backing track of piano by Mariko McConnell, which gives the show a different feel to most stand-up. I thought it had an abursdist feel as there could have been no people in the room and you get the feeling that the Birdmann still would have done the show. I liked the gag that required the house lights to be flicked on and off.

Mariko McConnell did very well to keep a straight-face while the Birdmann was delivering all those one liners as there were some funny jokes. Midori would be proud of some of the knots she tied as I didn't think the Birdmann would be able to escape from some of them.

The Birdmann also did well to keep his quiff upright after some of the escapes with the rope, I also thought the rope did a good job, even though it just sat on the stage coiled up most the time.

I would recommend this show to someone who would like to see something different, but don't try the escape parts without special training as you will hurt yourself.



Created on ... April 4, 2009