Best of British

Exford Hotel, upstairs
Thursday 2nd April 2009
Featuring: MC Dan Willis, Terry North, Nic Coppin, Alexis Dubis, Mark Butler

I stop by the pub for a drink after work regularly, so I thought I might try this show out as I didn't want to go see another full show, but still wanted to go see some comedy. This show has a rotating roster of comedians that should change regularly, so it is a good chance to see if you like them before you fork out for their shows (most of them didn't do any material from their show though.)

Dan Willis was a great MC and got to know the nationality personally of nearly everyone in the room. He also has two other shows during the festival CTRL-ALT-DELETE and "Ferris Bueller's Way Of..." a tribute to the classic 80s movie and its philosophy (his second show started straight after the gig.)

Terry North did more traditional material, but is more of a storyteller comedian and that is kind of hard in such a short slot. His show is called "It all points north"

I remember Nic Coppin from when he was the MC for Chopper at the Comic's Lounge a couple of years ago. I was sitting on the front table and my friends gave him heaps all night, he handled it very well and was one of my favourite comics on this night. He enjoyed getting groans from the audience for some off-colour jokes in his slot (fist-bump for Steve Irwin's death - what!?) He is also doing a show called "Loquacious" solo and also "Shaggers" at the same venue with a few other people.

Alexis Dubis told some funny and absurd stories and actually did some material from his show "A bloody brief history of swearing". He had to fill in for a bit as one of the comedians was late, but I thought it went well. Mark Butler was the final comedian for the night and went well in his slot. His show "Let's talk about sex" should be interesting.

What is also good about this show is after it you can either stay for Dan Willis' show or go downstairs and play Big Buck Hunter for 1/2 an hour until the after party show comes on at 10.30pm. It does get a bit messy down there later in the night, but if you want somewhere to stay drinking until 5.30am, this is the place for you.



Created on ... April 4, 2009