A Record or an OBE

Trades Hall, Tuesday 25th March 2008
Starring Ben McKenzie as Graeme Garden and Rob Lloyd as Tim Brooke-Taylor

What would have happened if Bill had decided to call it quits in 1975, at the height of the Goodies fame? Tim and Graeme are about to find out in a show that reminded me quite a lot of some classic "stuck in a room" episodes of the show such as Earthanasia amongst others.

It is more of a drama than a comedy but does have quite a few funny moments through the story and the new concept Tim and Graeme end up developing for the new series was funny.

There are quite a few musical references and even a classic ad-break, which help break up the show nicely. I thought the two characters worked well together within the story and are not overplayed.

Strangely enough, this show makes a perfect companion to Andrew McLelland's Guide to Being a Modern Gentlemen, which I ended up seeing on the same night.

I would recommend this show to Goodies fans and people wanting to see something different than a normal stand-up show.

Rating: Thee black puddings (Goody goody yum yum)


Created on ... March 25, 2008