Andrew McClelland's Guide to Being a Modern Gentleman

Trades Hall, Tuesday 25th March 2008

Andrew McClelland, a man with the air of someone who has just heard the funniest joke in the world, yes, he is always like that and you do want to play an extended game of 'got your nose' with him at times. I wouldn't want to go see show by someone who wasn't enjoying themselves and it helps the show run smoothly even in rough patches as he is having such a good time.

I always enjoy Andrew's show and this one on being a gentleman in the modern age was my favourite since his show about pirates quite a few years ago now.

There was a brief song and dance at the start, but it was very well done and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The crowd I saw it with was very appreciative and laughed at most of the jokes and even some of the comedic tangents that Andrew went off on.

I liked the flip-chart and it is refreshing to see someone use one rather than relying on a projector slide show for once. There were a couple of other props, but I won't spoil the surprise for people who want to see the show.

The show was loosely divided into the different areas of being a modern gentlemen, but they seemed to flow into each other mostly and Andrew was having fun with improvising so much at one point he seemed to lose his place in the show, much to the audience's amusement.

Getting everyone to lick their forearm was also another highlight of the show as nearly everyone seemed to do it for some reason even though it would have seemed silly if you thought about it.

It is a really great show and I recommend you go see it with friends, preferably dressed up as if you are going to the opera with a top hat and gloves just to get into the spirit of things (sit in the front row for best effect.)

At the end of the show Andrew gave everyone a cravat to wear, I put mine on and received several compliments on my way homeward and was even allowed entrance to Curtin House by the normally haughty bouncers who didn't even give me a second look this time. I am still wearing it to write this review and will wear it to bed tonight (if my friend sleeps with a plastic hibiscus flower in her hair, I can sleep wearing a cravat.)

Rating: 8/10


Created on ... March 25, 2008