Dolls, Doves and a Diva

Starring Katie Underwood, Cath Jamison, Erin Walsh, Kelly-Ann Doll
Trades Hall, Wednesday 2nd April 2008

I was really looking forward to this show as I enjoyed Erin Walsh and Cath Jamison in their show last year and I hadn't seen Kelly-Ann Doll since the Absinth Club before in early 2007 and I really wanted to see her again.

I hadn't seen Katie Underwood perform before, but that was just something else to look forward to in the show.

For once I didn't take my camera as although I am going to take it next time I go to see the show, I wanted to see a full run-through so I could enjoy it more and knew when the good parts were coming up to take photos.

The show begins with a musical number with everyone in the show taking part. Everyone had their own part of the show with Cath Jamison acting as an unofficial MC.

I was asked to help out with a part of the show, but they ended up getting someone else in the end (I would have been happy to help.)

Katie Underwood's black dress with gold spider webs got a gasp from the audience when she first came out and it was great to hear her sing some classic songs during the show. She was meant to be acting the diva, but wasn't nasty about it.

Cath Jamison's magic tricks were great and she had some all new ones since I saw her last year and the doves to make a couple of appearances during the show which was very cute. I don't get to see much magic being performed around the place so it was great to see it in this setting.

Erin Walsh got to do a great routine with a feather boa (luckily I didn't sneeze from them) and also helped out during the show with Cath Jamison's magic tricks. Her dance routine with Kelly-Ann Doll with all the bras was excellent also.

Kelly-Ann Doll was very funny as the member of the troupe that kept messing up. She reminded me of Helen Cassidy in the show Tarnished last year and even though she didn't get to do any swinging around the head dancing in this show, she still had some show stealing scenes, especially when she got the whip out on an unsuspecting audience member on stage.

It is a great show and having the songs in between the segments makes a big difference to the pace of the show and makes it more fun to watch as there is something different happening all the time.

I did go on the opening night, but hopefully they get lots more people in to their show and I am looking forward to seeing them next week to take photos and will try to bring some of my friends to it.

Rating: 8/10


Created on ... March 25, 2008