Cinema Fiasco - The Food of the Gods

With Janet A McLeod and Geoff Wallis, special comments by Toby
Astor Theatre, Friday 4th April 2008

Janet A McLeod has been involved with the Melbourne comedy scene for as long as I can remember and it is always great to see her in the information booth outside the Town Hall every year so I jumped at the chance at seeing her in another show as the last show I saw her in was "Click here for Comedy" in 2004.

It was great to have a show at the Astor also as I always like going there for a choc top, even when I'm not going to see a film (a nice person on the ticket counter once got one for me when I was just walking past) and also finding which chair cinema's cat Marzipan is asleep on so can pat it.

I am also a big fan of movies and going to Chinatown cinema used to be my only recreation for the week for two years when I first moved to Melbourne. I did print out a list of films from a few years ago and was going to try and see them all, but lost interest after a while.

The idea for this show, was the screen the film and have Janet, Geoff and Toby make special comments at key moments as if you were watching it at their house. It much the same as the famous MST3K (Mystery Science Theatre 3000) parody, but a lot of the jokes are made up on the spot as a reaction to other jokes or reactions from the audience.

There was also audience interaction with the crowd being asked to cheer particularly crappy parts of the movie and scream out whenever a big thing showed up on screen which added to the movie considerably.

At the end of the movie they also had a discussion about who they would cast in the movie if it was remade today and Nicholas Cage, Jennifer Lopez and Michael Caine got a guernsey amongst others. I particularly liked the Michael Caine impressions in the movie by one of the commentators, but it is really something you have to see and was made up on the spot.

I would recommend this show to people who like watching really bad movies of the kind they used to show on TV before late night quiz shows and also people who are fans of the MST3K format and want to see a version done live (as the fans of the series do in the US from time to time.)

The next films in the series are Night of the Lepus (11/4) and The Thing with Two Heads (18/4). I will try to make at least one of them and get more people to come along.

Rating: 8/10


Created on ... March 25, 2008