Tammy Anderson's Itchy Clacker

Powder Room, Melbourne Town Hall
Tuesday, 10th April 2007

I wasn't planning on seeing this show, but I changed my plans at the last minute to see an early show, get dinner and have enough time to go see Strangelove! The Musical. I still had to run on account of my dinner being late, but it was a good idea in theory.

From what I heard in the line there were at least a couple of other people who were in the same situation "I recognised her name on the poster, I hope she appreciates us coming", but it was a good decision in the end as it turns out.

Tammy's story and the title comes from growing up in the suburb of Ravenswood in Tasmania and all the characters and situations it involves. There is even a reference to a six toed woman, a boy with no neck who only eats pies and lots of tales of drinking and family relations.

It is a very physical show with Tammy acting out the characters and doing lots of fart gags. I will buy a drink for the person who manages to make Tammy laugh when she drops a big one while she is looking straight in your eye (I am a proud member of the 'front and centre' club.)

Although there is some language, I would recommend this show to older children as they would love all the fart jokes and strange characters. The only thing I had trouble with was that the show ended a bit abruptly, but I am sure Tammy would be happy to continue the stories in the bar afterwards if you buy her a drink.

A great show and well worth checking out if you are looking for something to go to earlier in the night.

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Created on ... April 11, 2007