The Pinch - RADIO LIVE Again!

Hosted by Chris Kennett & Declan Fay
Broadcast live on 102.7 RRR FM
With special guests Casey Bennetto, Tripod, Justin Hamilton, Josh Earl, Stephen K Amos, Sammy J, Rod Gilbert, Tim Minchin, Peter Helliar, Sam Pang, Corrine Grant, Tony Biggs, Sister She, Greg Fleet, Dave Thorton, Clare Hooper, Justin Kennedy, Sam Simmonds, Laurence Mooney, Scott Edgar
Bella Union Bar, Trades Hall
Monday, 16 April 2007


For some reason I don't listen to the radio much on a Monday after having it on all Saturday and Sunday, but when I do I try to catch at least some of The Pinch to keep in touch with the Melbourne comedy scene.

Even though I was still tired from the weekend and had a headache all day, I wasn't going to miss this show as where else would you get the chance to see so many comedians in the one place other than the gala.

Warming up the crowd before the show went on air was Casey Bennetto. He sang about warming up the crowd and his 7/11 slurpee and also did a version of Where do they make balloons which went down well.

The basic format for the night alternated between a musical interlude and interviews with comedians appearing in the festival. Both were great so it is hard to tell what got the biggest laughs on the night.

Tripod opened the broadcast with their song Girl in the comic shop and another song about their origins. They went down very well with the crowd and Scott stayed around for later.

Justin Hamilton was the next to be interviewed and talked about his trilogy of shows and also advised comedy festival attendees to avoid shows on Wednesdays as it the lowest point of the week for a lot of comedians in the festival.

Josh Earl, who I saw in last year's festival and at the Bedroom Philosopher's CD launch later in the year did a song from his current show called Melville-Dewey MOFO!

Stephen K Amos came direct from a relaxing BBQ and painted the air blue with curses. Much hilarity ensued when he asked for a phone number from a woman and one obliged. He was very well dressed though and does a great Aussie accent with the all important swearing. He also broke the C-bomb quota for the night with one of his anecdotes.

I hadn't seen Sammy J for a while, so it was good to see him play a couple of songs including the ever popular Backwards Song which got a rousing reception from the crowd.

Rod Gilbert's interview was a bit flat I thought as he got very defensive with the audience for laughing at the wrong things and also at the hosts. I wouldn't be going to see his show if it is anything like he behaved during his appearance.

Tim Minchin in his "song monkey" slot was great and I really enjoyed seeing him perform live for the first time. Rock and Roll Nerd and If you open your mind too much your brains will fall out (take my wife!) were very warmly received.

On the answering machine for people who couldn't make it were:
Peter Helliar - called from above his solid gold yacht
Sam Pang - would love to come, but what's a fluffer?
Corrine Grant - asked the hosts to stop sniffing her underwear so loudly late at night on the washing line.
Tony Biggs - Is famous for dropping the C-bomb and did so to much applause.

Sister She did an ode to booty which started out like a gospel song, but got fully into the hip hop styling they are famous for with a lot of great dance moves. It was good to hear another one of their songs after "What are youse' girls doin'?"

Greg Fleet talked about his festival show and recently coming out of rehab in what turned out to be one of the more serious interviews of the night. He lives down my way so I occasionally see him around and watch him get stuck in tram doors.

A game show style segment - The Biggest Schmoozer pitted three comedy newcomers - Dave Thorton, Clare Hooper and Justin Hamilton against each other with questions relating to their experiences. Justin one by default for body-popping across the stage in the dance segment (not really suited to radio, but it went down well with the o/b crowd.)

Sam Simmonds followed up this with his well known song I HATE, which was strange as two men who told me not go so see his show were exactly one of the things he hated (private school tossers with their collars turned up.) Sam is weird and for his day job comes up with things to keep elephants amused, which would be difficult as they would never forget and would be always complaining if you did something before.

The last interview for the night was Laurence Mooney who talked about his method-acting style preparation for his show on taxi drivers where he actually got his taxi licence.

Bringing the show home were Scott Edgar from Tripod and Casey Bennetto who did two songs by They Might Be Giants to promote their benefit show "Birdhouse" which will be raising money for the Asylum Seekers' Resource Group this Saturday night.

It was a really great show and right up there with Film Buffs Forecast's outside broadcast from the Melbourne International Film Festival and JVG's BBQ Day extravaganza. Well worth making a note of for next year's festival or if you can't make it on the night you can listen to RRR FM.

After the show I congratulated the hosts and went back stage to catch up with Casey as I hadn't heard from him for a while. I am definitely going to Birdhouse and will be taking photos at the gig.

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Created on ... April 11, 2007