Kim Hope - Rollercoaster

Portland Room, Portland Hotel
Tuesday, 24 April 2007

I used to have the biggest crush on Kim Hope, but I would never tell her as it always ends badly. This happens to me from time to time with various performers around town and I am sure they are used to it. What makes Kim Hope special to me as she was the first stand-up performer I started going to see every year at the festival and various gigs around town in the first few years I was living in Melbourne.

From what I remember Kim was being held up as the golden girl for women's stand-up in Australia, but then she mysteriously vanished for quite a few years. She was missed and this show attempts to explain what happened in the intervening years.

As it turns out what happened to is that life got in the way with all its ups and downs including relationship breakdowns, alcohol abuse and depression. Having personal experience with the last one I can say it was an accurate portrayal of what she went through.

You would this kind of material would be difficult to get laughs from, but she manages it brilliantly. She still has excellent facial expressions (she hissed at me during one joke) and does some great physical gags for some of her material. The material is geared towards getting laughs out of awkward situations at times so you do have to be in the mood for it.

What she got right about the show is that having these things happen to you means that you are not the same person afterwards. If you can't take something out of the experience that makes you fundamentally a different person then there was no reason to put yourself through the experience in the first place.

I hope this show is not a once-off and that Kim does more shows with Adam in the next few years. As I have said it is great to see her again and I hope people enjoy her show.

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Created on ... April 11, 2007