Tim's Melbourne International Comedy Festival Reviews 2007

Even being able to see show at this year's festival is damn lucky as just a couple of weeks before it I wasn't planning on seeing anything. I will try and appreciate the festival a bit more this year and go to see more local comedians in preference to international acts.

Tarnished - 25th April 2007
Kim Hope - Rollercoaster - 24th April 2007
Birdhouse - A Celebration of the They Might Be Giants - 21st April 2007
Cath Jamison - Secret Life of a Woman - 19th April 2007
The Pinch - Radio Live Again! - 16th April 2007
Burlesque Idol - 14th April 2007
Tripod - How to Train an Attack Dog from Scratch - 14th April 2007
Dave Bushell - Dirt, War...& Why I won't eat the fishies - 12th April 2007
Tammy Anderson's Itchy Clacker - 10th April 2007
Strangelove! The Musical - 10th April 2007


Created on ... April 11, 2007