Tripod - How to Train an Attack Dog from Scratch

Trades Hall
Saturday 14th April 2007

The last time I saw Tripod they were performing to a sold out crowd at the Town Hall. This year they have scaled back their show somewhat as I am sure they could still sell out the Town Hall. It is also a sign that Comedy@Trades is getting a good name for itself as the bigger players are deciding to perform there.

Rather than just a straight up gig, this show was the story of musical comedy as told by Tripod. Starting off with sea-shanties and continuing to the rivalry between two of the great American musical comedy performers of the 1940s, country music styled comedy, glam rock comedy and a Springsteen-esque style superstar.

I also enjoyed the audio-visual component with the two big screens helping to set the scene for the storytelling and providing a lot of great gags. My favourite was Yon's "pictogram" tale of the country musical comedy performers.

The songs were great in this show, especially with all the setting up and back-story provided of the original performers. I liked the opening number where Scott, Gatesy and Yon all got behind the keyboard and fooled around.

Apart from the big screens, they also had a couch to sit on while they were watching the videos, which was good for them as they got to sit down during their gig. Someone from the audience has to be invited up to take a seat on it during at least one show.

The only thing that was disappointing about this show is that it doesn't really suit being released as a CD as you have to see what they are doing. I would have liked to be able to listen to the songs again at least in particular the sea shanty.

I mentioned the show to some musician friends and they were interested in it. They also said they actually saw a husband and wife duo at Tamworth who played up the "fighting inspires our music" angle. Also Glennys Rae Virus would tell you that she has a "hot bald tight wet pussy!"

A highly recommended show and if you want a double dose of Tripod, they will also be showing video clips for their songs while they performing in four special shows during the festival.

I was going to say hello to them after the show, but I waited for all the crowd to leave and was just getting back from the toilet when the crowd surged out from the bar and I had to get into line for the Burlesque Idol.

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Created on ... April 11, 2007