Dave Bushell - Dirt, War...& Why I won't eat the fishies

Thursday, 12th April 2007

This year is truly the battle of the Daves at the comedy festival with no less than 8 of them battling it out (10 if you count the Davids.) It is possible to see a good range of shows by just going to see the Dave shows and this is one of them.

The stairs are very squeaky at the venue, so it may be best to stay out on the street if Strangelove is running late. The toilets on the 35th floor of the Hotel Sofitel are always good for the view.

With so many shows around this year it is difficult to choose between them as a lot of them seem to be ordinary stand up shows with not much difference between the performers. Having a themed show is one way around this, but it has to be consistent or there is not much point.

Beginning with how his bowel movements killed the People's Princess and ending with his family's adventures in Germany Dave Bushell's show certainly is diverse and interesting.

There are a lot of topics covered and it would be easy to go off on tangents or concentrate on one part of the story, so it was good to see how he kept it together.

Dave has done a show in the festival before, but still seems to be finding his voice as he sounded like Wil Anderson at times, which was a bit spooky.

If you want a different kind of stand-up show with a more intellectual slant, then I recommend this show. Thanks to Carly for inviting me as I probably wouldn't have seen this show otherwise.

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Created on ... April 11, 2007