Burlesque Idol

Starring Marawa, Natasha the Pasha, Annabel Lines, Gordon Wilde, Brian Vo, Barbara Swings, Rosa L'Posa, Perfect Nonsense
New Council Chambers, Trades Hall
Saturday, 14th April 2007

No photos this time, as I decided to take a night off after my extensive coverage of the Absinth Club event earlier this year and I wanted to see how the show went first. I might take photos at another performance, but I will ask the performers and organisers first and not post them until the end of the show's run.

The show actually started while I was standing in line with Perfect Nonsense taking down names and particulars of people to be used in the show, but they mainly used me for some reason. Also unique was the fact you were encouraged to leave your mobiles on so you could vote later in the act.

It was a bit different to the other burlesque performances I have seen as it was more structured and having a host, the mulleted Gordon Wilde, was a very good idea as he helped move the show along very well. The judges Brian Vo, Barbara Swings and special guest audience member Sam were also great. The stage may have been a little too small for a full band, but Rosa L'Posa did a good job on keyboards backing up the performers.

Perfect Nonsense were also great stage hands and got to do a routine of their own at one point in the show. I thought they were excellent and really reminded me of the Town Bikes in some ways. I don't know why I haven't seen them around town before as I haven't been shy in going to burlesque gigs.

First up was Marawa with her now famous hula-hoop routine. I have seen this routine a couple of times before and taken photos, but she still manages to surprise me with new things in it each time. This time she threw some of her hoops off the stage and came perilously close to dropping some of them on the front row, she didn't though as she has great control.

Natasha the Pasha was another performer who I hadn't seen before, but her classic fan routine was great and hopefully I will get to see her around town in the future.

Annabel Lines had an excellent pink poodle costume with six nipples and did some great miming and dance. I overhead one person saying that she should of one just for doing the Rocky Horror number during her routine.

The result wasn't unexpected, but it was funny seeing the MC wanting the girls to have a jelly wrestle-off and having them walk off in disgust. This left him to get out of a tight spot by performing his own routine which was unexpected to say the least.

As I have said it was different to the other shows I have seen. It was good to see the performers in a show of their own rather than performing in between bands at a pub to punters who don't always appreciate them.

This show is well worth checking out and special incentive to go back to see is that the performers swap nights with Lola the Vamp and Imogen Kelly performing in upcoming shows.

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Created on ... April 11, 2007