Renegades of Folk

Josh Earl & the Bedroom Philosopher
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2006
Duckboard House, Sunday 16th April 2006

"I'm so post-modern that I don't do this song live…"

Due to the number of bands I see, it is no surprise that I have developed a strong interest in musical comedy. This is great as there are quite a few musical comedians in this year's festival and I will try and get to see as many as I can in between my usual commitments of seeing bands at pubs.

The venue is a bit hard to find, with a lot of people confusing it with the Swiss Club next door and some poor bugger is performing down the end of the alley-way next to it also. Make sure you get there with plenty of time to spare because of this and just go to the bar upstairs - drinks at RSL prices.

I had seen the Bedroom Philosopher once before at the Local's comedy night just before Christmas last year and thought he was really good. I had been meaning to see him again, and this show presented the perfect opportunity to do so.

In this show he is joined by friend Josh Earl (who is meant to have had a show in last year's festival, but somehow I missed it.) He is somewhat of the straight man to the Bedroom Philosopher, but they are both pretty goofy. Witness the abortive "Pun Bot" and "Punchline Bot" joke to get what I mean (I don't think it is going to survive far into the run.)

I liked all the new songs and folk-parody versions of the songs they did during the show, but as the old saying goes, "tragedy is when I cut my finger, comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die", my favourite parts of the show were the stuff-ups. These included the Bedroom Philosopher getting his guitar strap caught in the stand and picking the whole thing up to play it, falling over with a computer monitor on his head, laughing when he had to blow into the melodica and being punched a bit too hard by a over-enthusiastic audience member.

Josh had some things happen to him too, but they were funnier with the Bedroom Philosopher as you could smell blood in the air. I am sure most of these are just teething problems, but it would be a shame if they fixed all over them as it would take something special away from the show.

On to the songs, and these mostly consisted of their own songs (solo and duo) and parody versions of popular songs. The best of the parody songs was the compilation of JJJ FM's Hottest 100 from last year to commemorate the Bedroom Philosopher's entry at 73 on the chart. Fans of Wolfmother, Ben Lee, Sarah McLeod and many others will be very happy with the song, which is a live-only song for obvious reasons.

The song at the end of the show was also great, but I don't want to give it away to people so you have to come and see it yourself. Overall, it was a great show and I have to remember to buy the Bedroom Philosopher's CD and look out for a possible duo CD he will hopefully do with Josh Earl in the future.

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