Andrew McClelland's Mix Tape

Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Duckboard House, Tuesday 2nd May 2006


In hindsight, Tuesday night is not the best night to go see a show at the comedy festival as it took me three tries to find a show that wasn't sold out. Not that I didn't want to see this show, I had picked three equally good options and would have been happy with any of them.

This is the second and the only other show I have seen at the Comedy Festival this year as I have had other commitments and my finances have been restricted. It reminds me of when I first going down to Melbourne and could only get to a couple of shows and it is good to have a break.

Justin Hazelwood (Bedroom Philosopher) was having a beer in the upstairs bar, so I said hello and asked how his show was going. Also I got to watch the start of Rove Live (with the sound down thankfully.)

I last saw Andrew McClelland a couple of years ago at the festival with his "somewhat accurate history of pirates" show and I have seen him around town at some of the music gigs I go to from time to time.

This explains the theme for this show as the mix-tape is theme close to his heart given the love he has for music. I never made any when I was younger as my sister wouldn't let me use her tape player. The closest thing we did to appreciating music was jump a DJ at a local radio station to try and get him to tell us what the secret sound was.

What I liked the most about the show was that Andrew looked like he was enjoying himself. The dancing to the songs was funny and really added something to the performance as he wasn't just standing around for an hour telling jokes.

It is difficult to describe this show as you really need to hear the songs he has selected for the mix tape to get a lot of the jokes. I won't spoil it for anyone else by giving away any of the titles he selects either.

I also liked the use of props including a few specially selected record covers (Daryl & Ossie Ostrich kissing was a highlight) and the numerous mentions of Cookie Monster and his candy cane.

Special mention must go to some of the audience comments on the night as there were some good ones, leading Andrew to write a Lucksmiths-type song about having tea in North Carlton, thankful for not having to fight zombies and telling people not to have sex in the cemetary.

I would normally be wary of any show that ends in a sing along, but there was a funny anecdote about not even space aliens from space being able to get the rights to the Beatles songs, so it was OK this time. It suited the theme of the show to have it end that way in this case.

Hopefully Andrew will at least take this show over to Adelaide for the Fringe next year so more people get to see it or he could make some appearances on Melbourne community radio.

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Created on ... May 03, 2006