THE Angels Bought Me Here

Melbourne International Comedy Fesitval 2005
Trades Hall
Thursday, 14th April 2005

Tagline: Bogan! The Musical!

Firstly, you may have heard about this show as the title was originally something different, but a complaint from a certain bikie gang forced the people behind the show to change it and issue an apology. ARRRRR! The threat of physical violence back in the arts where it belongs! Wouldn't "Pirates of Penzance" be a lot funnier if John English had to fend off attacks from Indonesia pirates armed with machetes? Or David Callan having ASIO agents turning up to his show "I SPIED" telling him to cancel it (nah, that'd never happen!)

As Keating! The Opera! was playing earlier in the same venue the show started 15 minutes later than usual. I originally wasn't going to go to this show, but as I couldn't get tickets for Keating! I decided to go see Super Happy Robot Hour again and was asked by the door attendant for this show if I wanted to come see it. All they needed to do was telling there was singing in it and I would have agreed straight away!

While it would have been good if some of the audience from the previous show had stayed around, it was there loss and they missed a really great show. They reminded me a lot of Chris Franklin, but with more than one joke.

The story begins with Cliffy and Dave locked in a shipping container by a bikie gang for various offences. Cliffy has stolen some drugs and Dave's heinous offence was not playing any AC/DC at a bikie function. What will become of them is not clear, but the story follows the classical "Waiting for Godot" format of the two-man narrative, although in this case it is more like "Waiting for Druggos."

What makes this show really great is that interspersed with the story there are some excellent songs. From what I remember of the show they included the following:
G'day made!
Australian Idle
Aussie Hip-Hop
Un-Aussie (Oi! Oi! Oi!)
Goodbye mate!

They were all really great songs, but my favourite was the opening song which I am sure to be singing to myself for weeks to come, even if I don't want to. Un-Aussie was also very informative and really good for what is meant to be a kids song.

I have heard that one of the tracks has received national airplay in Australia, and I am sure that the other tracks would do very well if they decided to release them also. I will be keeping an eye out for Cliffy Withheld in the future and I am sure he won't disappoint in whatever he decides to do.