Today Today - Ganglands a Go-Go tour

Melbourne International Comedy Fesitval 2005
Live from the HiFi Bar
Friday, 1st April 2005

I was at the HiFi Bar for the outside broadcast of the "Today Today" (from the Chaser team) program on JJJ this afternoon. I don't normally listen to that radio station, but outside broadcasts are always a big event.

About 800 people turned up and some of them waited over an hour to get in, I have waited that long before and it was just to see TISM.

I enjoyed the band Shihad, but the highlight of the day for me was when they sent a sexy SMS to Warney. I know that it was April 1st so it is probably a big con.

Using audience volunteers for certain words they sent the following message: Hi Shane, I want to take my SPECULUM and put it in your RECTUM and make you MEOW

To which they got the reply:
Who the fuck is this?

Other stunts they attempted were just as juvenile, such as ringing up Pizza Hut for an order of 800 people and getting everyone in the room to say "NO ANCHOVIES" at the same time. They also gave $50 to a bloke and sent him to Crown Casino to try and raise money for Tim Costello's anti-gambling charity.

The show went to 5.30pm, but I left just after 4pm as the room was too crowded for me.