3 Way Action
Melbourne Town Hall
Saturday 3rd April 2004

The best place to be if want to see most of the comedians in the festival is in front of the Town Hall as go to and from their shows. Tonight while I was waiting for the person I was going to see Tripod I must have seen at least twenty people with a show in the festival including big international acts. I also got to give Adam Richard a CD with the pictures I took at his karaoke show at the HiFi Bar during the week (he is the only one who has looked at the video from the show on my site also.)

The Main Hall is a really big room so it goes to show how big Tripod are (the line was around the corner into Collins Street.) I ended up sitting in the balcony seats as the booking website said they were the best available seats. Tripod came out to the strains of a Queen number from Highlander and with giant illuminated letters in the background spelling out TRIPOD.

If you have seen them on Skithouse or heard them on Triple J then you will know how good their songs are. This show features all new songs, apart from one from the "Song in an Hour" challenge from Triple J and a Radiohead song that they did for the encore.

I think Tripod would have gone well even if this show wasn't during the comedy festival as their performance was great. They did have a habit of stopping during some songs, but that is just their style (their antics "the Kid Could Play" went on a bit too long though I reckon.)

Also, if you have tickets for the front row and are going to miss most of the show, I would probably give it a miss as the three people in this unfortunate position during this show had the entire audience laugh at them when they arrived and Tripod stopped their song just to rub it in. It was one of the funniest parts of the show!

The rest of their shows during the festival are going to be packed out. I would recommend booking for one of their next four shows as soon as possible so you don't miss out.