The Swindler

Patrick McCullagh
Melbourne Town Hall

I hadn't meant to go see an early show, but Patrick and a cute cockerspaniel convinced me and I ended up going straight back into the box office to buy another ticket.

At the very start he asked for $50 from an audience member and they actually gave it to him. If you go to this show and get upset if you lose money I don't recommend you do this.

This show was different from the normal stand-up routine as the main focus was on the various ways you can swindle people with cards and other dodgy games.

What I liked about the show is how he went into the background of how he picked up these tricks while working in a pub in the UK. The way he introduced the cup and die trick was also quite well done.

There is also quite a bit of audience participation in the show that goes beyond the normal "pick a card" routine. As I was sitting up the front I got to do the timing for one trick and to go onstage and try and copy what Patrick was doing with a glass of drink (it's harder than it looks.)

I really enjoyed the show but I don't really think the point of it was to teach how to do this tricks as unless you were really quick you would miss him doing them and just see the result (it was part of the show anyway.)