Superstar Karaoke at the 2004 Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Tim Chmielewski

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Kim Hope & Adam Richard's Superstar Karaoke
Festival Club at the HiFi Bar
(Tuesday's only)

As I had a great time at this last year, but had to leave early, I decided to take a day off so I could stay to the end this time and enjoy it.

I also really liked taking photos there last year, so this year I bought along my camera with the plan to take pictures of everyone who got up to sing and anyone else who wanted a photo.

This show was really about the participants at the festival having fun and they did that in spades with a host of talent showing the reason they really should stick to comedy.

My favourite singer's on the night where Kim Hope, Adam Richard, Greg Fleet and Scott from Tripod.

If you are in any of these photos and want a copy of the originals, please contact me and I will send you a CD.

Bonus Video!
Kim and Adam singing (WMV format, 4.68Mb)
(Right click and select "Save As" to save it to your hard disk.)