Somewhat Accurate History of Pirates (1550-2017)

Andrew McClelland
Capitol Theatre

"Take that Mr Fong!"
"The man's a GENIUS! GENIUS!"

I have quite a bit of an interest in pirates so I was really looking forward to this show. Especially since it was on in last year's festival but I never ended up going.

The handout notes were also quite entertaining and useful as you need them at one point during the show. Not many shows give out souvenirs like this so it was good to get something to take away from it.

As well as presenting a funny show, Andrew's aim seemed to be to dispel some of the myths and other popular notions surrounding pirates in the Caribbean. Some people might think it was a cheap shot, but one of the funniest ways he did this was to ask an eight year old from his former primary school about the topic. Then he took apart the kid's written argument on stage under a volley of canon fire.

There were also some really interesting props such as the ship's steering wheel, a full sized replica cannon and some amusing puppets used during the show (their voices were funny I thought.)

It was great to see someone who is so enthusiastic about the topic he is presenting and knows how to tell a good story. The best part of the show was undoubtedly the story of Henry Morgan as Andrew seemed to get very excited during it and more animated after each incident he described.

The night finished with a bawdy karaoke version of the Ballad of Henry Morgan (with words printed in the handout.) Special mention must go to Lawrence Lung in the video for this song as he got a lot of laughs.

I would recommend this show to people even if they have only a passing interest in pirates. I think it would also be a great show for kids to see if they ever decided to do a tour of schools with it.