Reg Gorman - Hanging on to Vaudeville


I only decided to go see this show yesterday after hearing Reg on the radio during a show called "Film Buff's Forecast" on RRR FM. I would have gone yesterday but it was too far from the venue I was at to the Town Hall and it ran overtime anyway.

Reg was having a drink in the bar before the show, so I had a talk with him (someone had asked me to pass on a message anyway.) Despite what he said I thought it was a reasonable crowd to a show on the preview weekend of the festival . There also seemed to be quite a few comedians from other shows in the audience also, which normally only happens towards the end of the festival.

From hearing on the radio yesterday I knew it wasn't going to be a usual straight stand-up show, but I was still surprised to see the amount of that sort of material he did do. I was amazed at how he managed to get his hair to stick straight up without the aid of any hair styling products in one sketch (one of the funniest ones in the show.)

It was good to see Reg in a suit and tie as most stand-up comedians these days look like they have just come off the street to do a show wearing whatever they put on that morning. The suit and hat also added to some of the sketches as he used them as props, such as in the impressions of George Wallace and Roy Rene Mo.

Also really good were the clips he showed from the Crawford TV productions he has had a role in over the years. The crowd favourite seemed to be Skippy, but I liked the Henderson Kids as it had a really young Kylie Minogue in it. I used to watch that show.

Special mention must go to the way music was used throughout the show as there was a live keyboard player on stage (who also doubled as a stage assistant.) This also helped make the whole thing quite a lot different from the usual straight stand-up routines.

Character comedy is really hard to pull off as you have to stay in the role all the time, Reg gave some excellent demonstrations of his material during this show. I can see why people decide to do straight routines these days as it is a lot of work to do it the way Reg does.

I would recommend this show to people who are interested in the history of live comedy in Australia and like watching classic TV shows.