Radioville - Population 1

Greg Fleet
Melbourne Town Hall

John Laws and Alan Jones are famous in Australia for talkback radio. This show is a demonstration of how a normal good guy can turn into someone like them in the pursuit of money and fame.

The story is told in flashback starting with the presenter Cash Driveway's days on a community radio station to his eventual rise to working for a talk radio station and becoming one of the people he used to despise.

As it was set in a radio station there was quite a bit of music played and Greg was talking most of the time which would be really difficult. I liked the "live" talkback calls with the audience as it demonstrated Greg's ability to deal with new material on the spot and come up with a response in character.

I would recommend this show to people who want to see something different and who have a strong opinion on right-wing talkback radio commentators.