Lano & Woodley - The Island

Athenaeum Theatre
Thur. 15th April 2004


I remember seeing Lano and Woodley on TV about 10 years ago when they were chasing Anthony Morgan down the street trying to get on Denton's show that was on Channel 7 at the time. This was a couple of months before they won a Perrier Award at an overseas comedy festival and their career took off.

Due to an accident during the show last week, Frank Woodley was on crutches. This didn't really effect the show much as they still did most of their material.

As it was a stinking hot night and a technical problem caused a 1/2 hour delay in the show, Colin was a bit snappy with the audience (even though it was funny.) Frank also a good time telling a nine year old in the front row not to swear and then swearing his head off as a demonstration.

Other reviewers have already gone into detail about the spinning staircase prop, but despite what I heard it didn't stuff up at all during the show.

Some other things did go wrong during the show like their suitcase catching on fire - they looked too scared for it to be staged. The really strong unpredictable element in the show added heaps to the performance and made it much funnier - even if some of it was just from laughing at their misfortune.

This show is going to sell out for the rest of the festival, so hopefully they will go on tour with it or release a version on DVD.