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Janet A McLeod & Toby Sulivan
Loop Bar, Saturday 27th March 2004

I had wanted to go see this show at the Fringe Festival last year, but I never got around to it at the time. Thankfully they decided to show it this years festival so I was really looking forward to it.

The first time I met Janet she was doing warm up for the 10.30 Slot on ABC TV. I also remember seeing her hosting a trivia night at a pub in Balaclava on my way past on the tram. This is not the first time she has been at the festival if you count her fine work in the information booth out the front of the town hall for the past few years.

I hadn't heard of Toby before, but when he started trash talking people's computers before the show, I knew it was going to be a funny show.

Being the multimedia extravaganza that it is, it is difficult to describe the show without sounding like a complete poser like those people who write for design magazines.

For those people who are interested: they use PC laptops running Windows XP with extensive use of PowerPoint, Flash (no singing kittens) and Video incorporated into the show. Being technology-based they do warn that things could go wrong. I think this just added to the show as they had a DJ on standby to play really crap music that they could dance to.

I also got to go up and help with the "chat room" section of the show which was fun (I got a free mouse mat out of it.)

Special guests included a Dalek and live appearances of Microsoft Clippy (how was dispatched by a giant cursor each time.)

I would recommend this show to people who have an interest in computers or just have to use them every day for their work. Special mention must go to who they managed to incorporate the Internet into their show despite not having a connection in the venue (it would just make things harder.)

This show is only running on Saturdays and Sundays during the festival at 5pm. Plenty of time to catch it and then get home to watch Iron Chef if you are so inclined.