Adam Richard
Capitol Theatre

As he didn't do a stand-up show last year I was really looking forward to seeing Adam do a show as I have always liked his work with Kim Hope.

From working as an entertainment reporter for a radio station, Adam has picked up a lot of good stories and now has very strong opinions on some celebrities. He seemed to particularly enjoy putting the boot into Nicole Kidman and her supposed acting range.

There was also quite a lot of material on reality TV shows which he enjoys. I don't watch them myself, but the way Adam described them was really funny.

I think there was also meant to be a whole section of terms Adam has made up that sound cute, but describe dirty things but he only got to discuss one of these at the end of the show (I'll let you find out for yourself what it is.)

I would recommend this show to people who like to read about celebrities in trashy mags and enjoy hearing someone rip people to shreds they don't like.