Big Howard, Little Howard

Howard Read
Melbourne Town Hall
Tue. 6th April 2004

"I like Melbourne but I think it's really mean you travel everywhere on tramps, just because they don't have houses!"

This was another show that I was really looking forward to after seeing Howard perform on the Comedy Gala and a recommendation from another comedian in the festival.

It is well known by now that one of the stars of this show is an animated character. There are also several other characters that add to the show including H-BOT 2000 (a bad robot comedian), the evil pigeon agent and two commentators who warm up the audience. The short animated films that screen in between parts of the show were great also.

What I really liked about the show is how Little Howard seemed to take it over even though it was meant to be Big Howard's show. Even though some of the audience interaction was a bit forced (it was funny reading the text off the screen the first time), the interactive sections with Little Howard went really well.

The songs in the show were also great even though they were mostly played for laughs. Even though there were really only a couple of them in the show, they were memorable enough that I heard someone singing one when I got off the train at Caulfield station on my way home.

I could tell you more about the show, but it is better you see it for yourself. I would also recommend booking if you are going to go on a busy night as the session I went to sold out and it will only get more popular towards the end of the festival.