World War Wonderful

Starring Erin Newington, Karin Muiznieks, Erin Newington
Buttefly Club, Thursday 4th June 2009

I really wanted to see this show at the comedy as I am a big fan of Betty Hutton who also did a lot of USO shows in her time and the style sounded a lot like her also. Unfortunately, I had missed the show's run during the comedy festival so it was great to see it having a second season and I didn't have to wait until the Fringe Festival to see it again.

The main story for the show is that the Wonderful Sisters have had a successful career singing at various USO shows in many different wars, but now that peace is threatening they might have to stop doing it, one of the sisters hatches a plan to keep the war going and that's where the fun begins.

I really enjoyed the songs and the harmonies of the girls were great. The piano and trumpet/instrument player also worked well along with the singers and added a lot more to the show rather than just having a normal backing track.

My favourite character in the show was Fanny as she is so silly in most the songs, but does have a serious side to her. I did like her solo number and do have to apologise yet again for having to run out to the dunny at the end, but I really couldn't hold it any longer.

A great show and I hope they get loads of people in over the Queen's Birthday weekend and have a return run later in the year.