Wil Anderson & Guests @ the Rope Room (Prince Patrick Hotel)

14:52 26/10/2002


As I saw Terri Psiakis on the bill for this show I decided to make
the trek to the Prince Patrick Hotel last night to check it out.

I don't remember that much of the gig as afterwards I walked all
the way to Clown Casino and ended up in a nightclub.

The MC for the night was Tom Gleeson who seems to have improved his
act in the past couple of years. The highlight of his introduction
was his routine about supermarkets and divider bars.

Justin Hamilton was up first up and had some very funny material
about old girlfriends and his 'cool' mum. He is well worth looking out
for in the future.

Next up for about five minutes was some really hyper woman, "Mel" 
something. She was funny but was a bit full on.

Terri Psiakis was wonderful and she should go on to do some great
things. I wanted to talk to her afterwards but she was busy with
the other comedians - the Prince Pat is a real comedian-friendly
venue (at least for those watching), but I didn't want to bother 
any of the other non-performing `ones I saw there.

Glen Bush was a real surprise. He was playing a heartbroken 14 year
old schoolboy reading out his final letter to Madeline West who
as he says "has big breasts and whose forehead vaguely resembles a bus"
I think he was having trouble not cracking up reading some of the letter
(it was meant to be the fifth in the series.)

It turned out that Wil was worth staying for (he didn't finish until about
12.30am), but he started running out of material after about the first
half hour and resorted to playing with an audience member in the front
row whose head snapped back when you tickled the back of her neck.

I think because he is famous people gave him a bit more leeway to ramble
on (which is why he went on so long, but people were still enjoying it.)
He did seem to enjoy the freedom away from his TV performances and
ended up bagging his mum a lot for some reason. 

It was a really good night at one of the better live comedy venues in
Melbourne. If you go there I would advise you to drive or take a taxi
unless you like walking.

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