Presented by the final year students from NICA
Nica Academy, Friday 5th November

I wanted to have a rest after taking so many photos last weekend at the Queenscliff Music Festival. I was planning on going to see Grindhouse at the Astor, but heard of this show on RRR FM the day before (the afternoon arts program) and bought a ticket from Halftix in the city on the way to an appointment the day before.

Another reason why I wanted to go to this show is that I have started to come across NICA graduates whilst taking photos in the Melbourne scene and wanted to see the next generation. I already know Marawa was one of the graduates and I think I have seen quite a few from the school in shows this year.

Unfortunately I left the program on the tram on the way home so I can't remember the names of the performers. Doh! The bloke with the Mickey Mouse vest and t-shirt was funny. His American accent was corny, but it was part of the character he developed for the show.

There was so much to look at in this show! WOW! There is no possible way I could have photographed it all. I would have just focussed on certain things and quite possibly would have been distracted by the giant wispy sideburns of one the riggers.

I normally take photos of women in burlesque shows and other dance performances, so it was great to see so many men in the show. I would recommend it to both men and women as there is something for everyone to look at.

Each of the acts involved a few people doing their thing with a bridging storyline from the main character. It was sort of based around social networking sites and the ME generation, but the performance was the main focal point.

There was a split between the floor-show and the aerials with several different performers doing each. I also liked that the performers were prepared to do acts where they would make mistakes. There was a very hard routine with the trapeze where several people had to be caught by the one person within a short period of time and a couple of them got dropped. Even when that happened they still got a clap and cheer as everyone could see how hard they were working.

I liked the other elements of the show including the BMX, skateboard and giant ring that was used in one act. The multimedia parts of the show worked very well with the rest of it I thought.

I hadn't been to the venue before, but I thought the layout was great and the follow spots and lighting were right on. I also watched the riggers jump up and down during the performances for the aerials and they did heaps of work.

While it would be nice to photograph this show, it would also be exceptionally difficult. I have tried to take photos with my low-light lens at a show with lots of action and most of them didn't turn out. Hopefully someone with a huge lens and giant camera comes and gets lots of nice photos for them.

There are lots of things on in December, but if you are not busy until the 13th of the month and want an interesting and original show to see I would strongly recommend this show.