Planet Comedy @ Prince Patrick Hotel - BBQ Night


I'd already had BBQ pork buns for dinner earlier, but I did have one snag in bread
from the barbie out the back before the show.

Janet A. Mcleod usually MC's but Gavin Baskerville had the honors tonight
and he bemoaned the demise of the traditional Aussie BBQ and the fact that
you can't buy thongs anymore.

Janet was dressed up wearing an apron with a string of sausages attached (and tongs.)
She has purdy hair.

Terry Psiakis was up first, she's a real HAWT CHYX0R and her act was good too.
She was wearing a comedy apron with fake breasts, which she tweaked now and again when
she thought there weren't enough laughs.

Ugly Dave Beige came next - he's a 'character' comedian who played at being intentionally
lame, something that I don't really agree with - If I wanted to see something lame
I'd watch Rove Live. (Some of the audience thought he was funny though.)

Damian Clark was wearing the traditional Australian BBQ uniform, except that's how he
always dresses. He talked about the BBQ's he remembered as a child.

- Break for sausages & beer.

Gerald McCuloch - Presented the 'official' rules for backyard cricket and then did
an impression of a sausage on a barbie.

Justin Hamilton - Reminded me of Ben Elton for some reason, he talked about VD tests
and performing at 21st birthday parties.

The Dodge - The best act of the night in my opinion. A musical threesome. Performed
three songs: ACTION MOVIE MAN, Mental Illness, it's a laughing matter and Dodge Religion.

After this I had to run to make the last tram and ended getting home at 1AM, it was
a good night though.

Created on ... December 30, 2006