Kim Hope & Adam Richard - Outrageous

11:35 PM 9/04/02

I saw Kim & Adam MCing the 'Espy Comedy Gold' on Sunday and
decided to check out their festival show also. I was surprised
to see quite a lot of new material as I would have expected
them to just use stuff from their festival show during at the Espy
to save the time/effort of writing new stuff.

The video segments they had during the show where great also:
Val Mormon Cinema advertising, Outrageous Auditions and an excellent
send up of Momento.

Other highlights of the show included "Cirque d'So-lazy", 
some excellent characters (the drag queens & Nana) and the usual
show biz gossip and bitchiness (from Adam).

It was an excellent show and I am looking forward to seeing more
of these two in the future.

Created on ... December 30, 2006