Melbourne International Comedy Fesitval 2002


Sarah Kendall is well balanced

The new Kim Hope!

She started the show dancing to the Beah Boys, but was disappointed
that no one got into it as much as she was. It was also interesting
to see how she dealt with the latecomers, especially the one
in the second row next to me...

The reason Sarah reminds me of Kim Hope is her dancing
and the very expressive way she acts out parts of her show
(the Easter story and zombies eating BRAAANES come to mind), also
for some strange reason her eyebrows had something to do with it.

What I didn't like about the show was the staged way that one
member in the audience complained and Sarah decided to get out
the old 'shoot the audience member' gag - they acknowledged that
it was lame though.

Special mention must go to the Fred Bassett rant as it was very funny.

Excellent show, look out for Sarah in the future.


Dave Callan - Carry On Callan

Star Wars, Vikings, Jerry Springer, Osama bin Laden

I already knew that Dave had broken his ankle, but it was a good
start to the show having the actual music he was dancing to 
when it happened (Everybody's Kung Fu fighting.)

This show was a bit different than usual as the support act
was Darth Vader who hammed it up as a bad stand up comic.

The good thing about the smaller venues is that you can get close
to the performance and hear the person on stage without a microphone,
which I took advantage of by sitting up the front.

Dave did do some regular stand up material, but it was set between
some excellent set pieces. My favourite one was the Viking Beauty
pageant as Dave cracking up during it.

Some of the stand up material did fall a bit flat, but that is
a sign of someone who is willing to test the boundaries of their
material and not play it safe all the time.

Very good show, there was even a reference to MUPPET CROTCH.

Created on ... December 30, 2006