Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2003

21:27 10/04/2003

I arrived at the Town Hall early to get tickets to see Dave Gorman's show
only to find that it had sold out already. Having seen Denise Scott do a
solo show at the festival a couple of years ago I decided to go see the

Comedy is Still Not Pretty
Denise Scott, Lynda Gibson & Judith Lucy

The show started with the three comedians doing a fan dance with
deliberately dodgy choreography which ended with them revealing their
skin coloured leotards with novelty rude bits drawn on - this lead to one
of the funniest lines of the night when Judith heckled the latecomers
"I'll think I'll just leave this unexplained!"

In-between their dancing and skits each of the trio got to do a comedic
monologue with the other two watching from the couch. Probably the best
one of these was Denise's as she seemed to get so worked up about it even
though it was not as dramatic as Judith's or Lynda's stories. The part
where she talked about 'hormones' and yelled at some poor bloke in the
front row was also funny.

The skits they did with the aid of funny hats where excellent, especially
the send up of the McLeod's Daughter's show "The Three Sisters" in which
Judith got to play a worker with a permanent hang-dog expression wearing
an Akubra and decided to spin a billy around for no reason.

My favourite part of the show was when Judith and Denise had an argument
which turned into a real fight (at least it looked like it) towards the
end of the show.

I would recommend this show if you like to see three people who are great
friends work together and have a good time as well as providing a great
performance. What is also good about this show is that you can bring your
drinks in from the bar, which lead to people bringing in bottles of wine
and glasses which you could hear the occasional clink from during the

Something to take note of is that if you arrive late the only way in is
to open a big curtain across one side of the audience which Judith will
notice immediately.



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