Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2003

01:46 29/03/2003

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2003 - Day 2

As it is the 'preview weekend' for the festival I had planned to see a few
shows over the next couple of days before the big crowds start go through
the shows. I also talked to Janet A. McLeod in the information booth out the
front of the Town Hall and finally gave her the picture I took of her at the
filming of the 10.30 Slot in 1999 (she liked it).

Sarah Kendall is Navel Gazing
"One lucky customer gets an eye infection!"
(One of Sarah's reactions to something that happened in her show)

As her show was one of my favourites during last year's festival I really
wanted to see her this year as seeing Sarah almost makes up for Kim Hope not
having a stand up show during the festival.

This show seemed a lot more informal than others I have seen, which was
demonstrated when Sarah ended up telling a story about a fox and jackal for
about 15 minutes during the show (which even surprised herself for going on
so long.)

One of the things that made this show really good was her interaction with
the audience as it made the show go in different directions. The funniest
moment during the show was an accident when Sarah was swinging the
microphone and big glob of spit came off it and hit someone in the eye a few
rows back - this was made even more funny as she was talking about
adrenaline and screwing things up just a few minutes earlier.

Also surprising was her description of her 'worst ever' performance in the
UK which is something you would not wish on anyone (it was during the
description of it that the spit incident happened.)

I would definitely recommend this show if you don't want to see the usual
'routine' stand-up, just remember to bring your goggles if you want to sit
near the front.

Very Very Scary
"Not the dodecahedron of power!"

I talked to Scott Brennan when he was handing out fliers for this show last
night so I decided to check out this show tonight. His partner in the show
is Rick Gunn who I haven't heard of before but he worked very well with

The basic plot of the show involves two friends spending the night in a
house to secure an inheritance from their weird science teacher from high
school. What is special about this house is that every room has a different
fear including such horrors as Zombie Mormons, singing with no pants while
being broadcast over the internet and hideously deformed freaks.

There was also a lot of singing and props use during the show - my favourite
was the "Space Alien from Space" as the costumer was made out of pipe
cleaners stuck to an ice cream container. The costume changes were excellent
and the Scott & Rick dolls where cute!

I would recommend this show to people who are sick of the usual stand-up
routines and want some singing, dancing and cheesy props.



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