Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2003

00:19 28/03/2003

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2003 - Day 1

I was planning on only seeing one show tonight, but when I was standing
around the front of the Town Hall I was given a free ticket to a show that
was just about to start so I got to see two shows instead. Some comedians
will also give out free passes to their shows if they need some more people
in the audience (which is how I saw one show last year.)

Dave O'Neil - No Hit Wonder

I had been looking forward to seeing Dave O'Neil doing a show as I hadn't
seen him performing stand-up since about 2000 (when I saw his show about 3
times in a couple of months.) It is always interesting to see how a 'theme'
show will go as the performer doesn't have their usual jokes to fall back on
(which is probably for the best with Dave as his are so old).

The theme for his show are his experiences in a band in the 80's called
Captain Cocoa and music in the 1980's in general. It was quite well set up
with Dave playing the songs on his old record player and also showing
slides/videos related to the story.

As it was the opening night you could see he was still working some things
out (like trying out some limited audience participation) but it worked out
very well in the end and I would recommend this show to anyone who remembers
watching Countdown in the 80's or wants to know what it was like back then.

I was going to give Dave O'Neil my old Goodies T-shirt but I chickened out
as he looked too busy after the show (it was a running joke when I saw him
doing standup he would say "Do you still have that t-shirt!" and then tell a
joke about the Goodies convention.) I will have to see whether I get the
courage at least to show other people stuff (such as the Pub Strip with GW &  
JH from the other week *uncensored*).

Dan Antopolski
"Your father was my credit card and your mother was the internet"

This show was a surprise not just because I was given the ticket at the last
minute, but because I never expected the show to be so good. The reason I
didn't consider the show when I was looking over the descriptions in the
guide is that it just had his name and some gushing comments which sounded

He was a bit strung out from jetlag and was still working out what material
worked with the festival audience, but Dan handled his material excellently
even though some of the jokes
went way over the head of some people (highly obscure in-jokes probably.)

What I also liked about this show was that he kept saying "AYYYYY!" like
Fonzie when he thought people hadn't gotten one of his jokes.

The stand out parts of this show were definitely the musical numbers
including I am a robot from space, the shoe serenade and one about sick kids
on a flying carpet. Even though there were some technical problems with his
computer equipment he still performed them brilliantly.

Probably a show I would recommend seeing if you are into surreal comedy, but
don't sit near the front especially if you are going as a couple.



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