Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2003

Wed, Apr 16 2003 11:16 pm

Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure

"Happiness is a warm Google"

This show is definitely one of the hot ticket shows this year, selling
out probably every night it has been on and also having other comedians
falling over themselves to go see it after doing their own shows (which
you don't normally see until the last few nights of the festival.)

I won't be going to specifics about the show as Dave asked the audience
to keep some of the more important parts of the story secret so as not to
spoil the surprise for other people who want to come see his show.

Some people may already know Dave Gorman through his famous "meet other
Dave Gorman's" gig or the popular TV show where he lived for 40 days
according to astrological advice for his star sign. I hadn't heard of him
and was originally interested in the show as it mentions the famous
search engine. (No doubt Google will be really happy about all the
publicity the show will generate.)

However, you don't need to be a real tech-head to get into the show as
Dave explains how the story started with informative slides talking about
the book deal that started him off and having to work on a computer that
was connected to the Internet.

As Dave says "the best thing about the Internet is that is has everything
on it, but the worst thing is that is has everything on it and is so
distracting". I really liked how he demonstrated the 'Googlewhacks' with
a screenshot from Google and showed the page that it brought up (if you
have a good enough memory you will be able to find the sites yourself.)

Once he gets going in telling the story it is great as Dave has such
energy and enthusiasm you are mentally cheering him on in what amounts to
the world's biggest anecdote.

There isn't really much more I can say about the show without starting to
give away some of the more important parts of his story, so I would have
to say that this show was the best I have seen at the Comedy Festival
this year and probably the funniest I have seen for a couple of years. I
highly recommend seeing this show if you get the chance (or reading the
book if it ever comes out.)



Created on ... December 30, 2006