Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2003

Tues, Apr 1 2003 11:54 pm

Tonight was Tightarse Tuesday at the Comedy Festival so most shows are
less than $20 to go to. For some reason I only seem to go to one show on
Tuesday nights though.

Kim Hope and Adam Richard were spruiking for their karaoke out the front
of the Town Hall box office when I arrived (Kim was being a total
glamour-puss). It is a pity it is on so late as the guest list looked
pretty good. I didn't stay long there as Kim Hope is too pretty for me to
look at for very long.

Something to note if you plan buying a ticket there is that there are now
big signs at the ticket window displaying NO EFTPOS (hopefully this is
only temporary).

Dave Callan's Wonderful World

This show began with Dave doing a Ned Kelly burlesque act which seemed to
go down well and is quite topical at the moment with the new film out.

There was meant to be a theme for this show of parallel universes
(including a reference to Schrodinger's Cat), but it seemed only to be a
small part of the show with the rest being taken up with normal stand-up
(not that it was bad).

One usual problem with a comedian who decides to do normal stand-up
routines at concurrent festivals is that they tend to repeat their
material. It was good to see that this was not the case with Dave, but he
did have his dinner repeat on him like the last time I saw him (I was
going to pass him a packet of chewy antacids but decided not as I didn't
want to look silly.)

My favourite parts of his show were the Ned Kelly references, the
description of the woman on the Bank of Melbourne ATMs (Michelle) and
various Yoda material (not Chewbacca as most people would probably



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