Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2003

Wed, Apr 9 2003 10:23 pm

Tom Gleeson - Dry Ginger Male
"That numerator is too big for that denominator!"

The last time I saw Tom Gleeson I was standing up the back of the Prince
Patrick Hotel in Collingwood (RIP) with a quite a few other comedians who
now have their own shows in the festival. He was just as good this time
but it was disappointing that he was still using most of the same jokes
as when I saw him last year.

Tom's theme for his show this year is based on his experiences with the
Comedy Festival road show from last year travelling around the
countryside. Given that a large portion of the routine depended on
audience participation it was a bit flat as most people didn't want to
yell out and place names as he suggested. This is probably the only time
a comedian would regret the festival audiences reluctance to heckle the

The big map of Australia was a good prop for him to find the places some
people reluctantly called out, especially his cracks about the place
being no good as the font size was too small. I also liked his
alternative take on Burke and Wills that he was supposedly reading from
the textbook.

Overall a decent show but I would have liked to hear Tom tell us more
about himself as the stories he told about his life on the farm in
outback NSW were excellent.


Superstar Karaoke with Kim Hope & Adam Richard

I have seen Kim Hope performing at every Melbourne International Comedy
Festival since 2000 so I was disappointed that she wasn't doing a
stand-up show this year (I wasn't originally planning to see this show as
it was on too late.)

After seeing a few shows in the past week and enjoying them very much, I
decided to go see the show anyway as I have found out from the Midget
Filipino Spy Movie Festival (with Weng Weng) it can be fun going out
during the week.

The show was meant to start at 11pm so I got there a bit early and took a
photo of Kim and Adam together as well as having a photo taken with them.
They also agreed to see the controversial Pub strip (a comic by Fred
Negro) with George W & John Howard which was brave of them - Kim
especially after Adam reaction to it. (Then again I don't know many
people who would like it apart from the zine editor that I sent a copy

I was also surprised to see Tanya Bullmer (formally on Backberner) there
and really wanted to talk to her and get a photo with her but I couldn't
remember her name at the time and didn't want to embarass myself.

There was still a show going on downstairs at the HiFi bar (the karaoke
was upstairs) so the actual singing didn't start until 11.30pm in which
time the room started to fill up to the point that you couldn't turn
around without bumping into someone who was doing a show at the festival.

Kim & Adam were up first (I forgot what they were singing but I did get a
good picture of them) and continued to make comments on the performance
of the participants during their songs as well as MCing.

It was a bit different to the karaoke I have seen before (which isn't
saying much as the karaoke at the Greyhound Hotel is different to any
other one in Australia) but there were some good performances especially
from the comedians (Boothy Grafoe was weird though.)

My favourite part of the night was the girls from 'Show Us Your Wits'
doing an Brittney Spears parody dressed in school uniforms and dancing
all over the place, which was excellent given that it was probably
organised on really short notice.

I left at about 12.30am as Paul McDermott was just arriving, so I think
it probably would have gone on for quite a while after that (the people
at the door said it went to 2AM last week).

I would recommend this show if you want to get value for money (depending
on who is there from the festival), don't mind laughing at the bad
singing of some people and can possibly wrangle some time off work the
next day.



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