Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2002

11:05 PM 17/04/02

I had originally planned to see Kamakaze Standup and Sucker
with someone tonight but when we got to the box office, the first
show was sold out and Sucker was on a bit too late for the person
I was with.


X, Wellington
Wellington, X

(N.B. this show has no connection to New Zealand)

When I first saw X I thought that Toast had got his own show
at the comedy festival, but it turns out that it was a Greek
bloke from Tasmania.

The show starts out with two blokes stranded on a desert island
who are trying to find ways to keep themselves sane. There is
quite a bit of falling down and some penguins are involved.

The best scene I thought was the syncronised umpires. The penguins
turned out to be a bit of a gimmick as they were hardly used in the
show (only to get beaten up.) There was some audience interaction
as X came and sat next to the person I was with.

A good show over all, but not one of the best I've seen 
at the festival.


The 3 Canadians - Ben Hur Digitally Remasted

"The Rotisere Chicken of Revenge!"

These blokes have been out to the festival a few times, but I
haven't seen them before. What they were attempting was very
ambitious - to take a 10 hour Cecil B. Demile film and compress it
into 70 minutes as well as making it funny.

Their introduction was great and they also recruited a new cast
member from the audience to play a Roman Soldier (who turned out
to be great.)

The costumes were great also, especially considering that they
only had a couple of seconds to change between each scene. Special
mention must go to the props as they managed to get some good
audience particpation going with the fake brick throwing (although
the roped-in cast member overdid it - it was funny though.)

Although most of the jokes seemed to be visual and what you would
normally think from this material, there was also some brainy stuff
in there too (I know because the person I was there with is a 
librarian and laughed the most during those scenes.)

The best joke I thought was the scene where Judah Ben Hur was arrested
and the roman soldier was told to "Hold him like a Roman!" which
caused everyone to piss themselves laughing. Another surreal moment
was when they were preparing for the final scene and I heard this
in the darkness : 
"Jesus' arms are loose!" 
"Then get the stapler!"
Then I watched someone staple the puppet Jesus to the cross.

As I have mostly seen straight stand-up during the festival it 
was good to see one really good staged production to compare with
the other shows and also see a really good international act at
the same time.

Excellent show, look out for the 3 Canadians in the future.


It was a very good festival this year. I think I should
save up for a few months next year so I can see more shows.

Year of Festival	No of shows I saw/will see
2001				3
2002				7
2003				16 (projected)


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