Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2003

Mon, Apr 23 2001 1:40 pm

MacHomer - Rick Miller

A story of murderous ambition and donuts. Mmmm. Donuts.

This show presents the classic story of "the Scottish play" performed by one
man using a variety of voices from the Simpsons.

The story would be familiar enough to people who had to study it in school,
but it has been adapted to fit in the Simpsons universe.

For example, Homer is Macbeth, Marge is Lady Macbeth, Flanders in Banquo,
Mr Burns is King Duncan and Barney is McDuff to name just a few.

This setup leads to some good lines like:

"Is this a dagger I see before me? No, it's pizza. Mmmm Pizza."
"Shut up Banquo!"

As well as Rick performing on stage in tights, there is also a helpfull
projection of each character's Simpsons equivalent the first time they
appear along with scenery.

What this show promises is to do for Macbeth what Baz Lurhman did for
Romeo and Juliet. I think it does very well in this regard as well
as being very funny at the same time.

Rating : 8/10


Sing your arse off! - Kim Hope

Kim Hope presents the story of her sister's fight with cancer, a trip to the USA and much more.

It starts with Kim showing herself and her sister arriving at LAX (Los Angeles Airport) and
what happened when they got there (there was a big TV on stage used for all the videos, which
she commented on when she realised she had been miming it for all the other shows.)

She then goes on to present the story of what happened in the year immediately before the trip.
Kim explains what happened to her sister, in a thoughrough, but very funny way and also gives
an account of the colonoscopy she had to go through (with accompanying video of her procedure.)

What follows this is the story of Kim's trip to the USA with her sister and her friend.
Accompanying this story are the videos Kim shot on the trip, as it was her hope to make
a documentary of her sister's holiday and show her singing 'New York, New York' on top of the
Empire State Building.

Having seen her show with Adam Richard last year at the Comedy Festival, this was the show
that I was really looking forward to this year. (I tried not to sit up the front again, but
I was forced to as everyone was sitting at tables and the one closest to the stage was the only one free.)

Something that was very good this year, was that the venue was the Vic Bar in the Victoria Hotel,
an initmate venue that really suited the story and the way she told it.

Without a doubt, this was the best show that I saw at this year's festival.
I can't wait to see what Kim will do next year.

Finally, one of the advantages of going to see shows in the Comedy Festival
on the last night, is that the performers are usually more relaxed and other performers from
the festival come to watch as well. Special mention must also go to the fact that Kim performed
this show with the sister in audience. "I don't belieeeve it!", I thought, and it was something
that made this show particuarly special.

Rating : 10/10 


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