Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2000

Sun, Apr 2 2000 12:00 am

I arrived at the Melbourne Town Hall at about 8pm and booked tickets for Dave O'Neil and Kim Hope and Adam Richard's 'SASSY'.

I spent the next 1&1/2 hours watching Scott McSavage performing outside the Town Hall (he was really funny) and also making fun of passers by (the line for the Tokyo Shock Boys killed his act after about the third time though). (I saw David Callhan (who looked pissed off) and Rod Quantock walk past while I was watching)

I went to the Hi-Fi bar about 9.30pm and was told Dave wouldn't be starting until 10pm instead of 9.45pm, that was OK since I'd only have to miss 15mins of his act to get to SASSY in time, but it turned out that he didn't even start until 10.35pm and I left after seeing 15 MINUTES of his act (I saw Kate with a tea cosie on her head though)


While I was waiting to get into SASSY at the Victoria Hotel I talked to Corrine Grant (who had just done a show at 9.30pm in the same venue), she was going to see the same show I was (she sat down the back though.)

I sat in the front row (not a good idea since Adam offered me the Saffron Chicken twice (go see the act), and got a good view of the act and the video.

I won't give much away (you'll have to go see it yourself), but the act does involve dancing, some audio-video sequences (The Blair Witch segment is really funny) and even a cooking segment.

The funniest joke of the night would have to be Adam Richard saying how one of the Popstars (who was in FHM and starred in a 'home made sex video') managed to convince the producers of her talent - *SWALLOWS THE MICROPHONE*

Adam Richard also thinks Angela Bishop is a bitch.

I also got to meet Kim and Richard after the show.


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