La Clique

The Famous Spiegeltent, Melbourne
Tuesday, 21st November 2006
starring Mozes, Captain Frodo, Amg G, David O'Mer, Yulia Pikhtina, Los Hermanos Macana, The English Gents 
with special guest Ida Barr

I was really looking forward to this show as I usually only get to see one show per year
in the Spiegeltent, so I want it to be a memorable one. I had already arranged to go see
this show before my work situation changed so I still wanted to go see it.

It was a lot different to the Burlesque Hour that I saw last year, and I was planning
on sitting in the front row, but remembered what happened last year and my friend's
advice to sit near the tables behind the stage for a better view.

The biggest surprise for the night was seeing Phil McLeod providing accordion accompaniment
to the show and he is part of one act with Amy G and Los Hermanos Macana. I haven't
seen him for a while so it was good to catch up after the show.

It was also a very humid night to the point where I couldn't tell if it was steam or smoke
inside the tent. Also steam was rising from bath boy during his act and people wanted to
get splashed with water.

There have been a lot of people writing about this show already, so I'll just recount some
of the highlights, all the acts were great though. I thought the English Gents were great
as they didn't even crease their suits even after all their contortions.

I admit that wanting to see Amy G perform was the main reason I came to this show and she
didn't disappoint. Her opening act with the sequins, feathers, fishnets, roller skates and ukulele
was a stand out of the first half. Her singing voice is very interesting also as she goes all
over the place and snorts just for a laugh which matches the act. The infamous kazoo performance
was in the second half, but I thought it was very classy.

There were a couple of trapeze style acts, but I liked Mozes performance the most as it was just
him on a rope and he kept almost threatening to fall down at any moment, causing many gasps from
the crowd.

David O'Mer aka Bath Boy was a great act to finish the show with and provided much relief to
a very hot and sweaty audience. There was some very artistic flicking of water and also a rubber
ducky make a comedic appearance at one point.

I noticed during the show that the other performers were watching each other's performances 
which shows how much of a tight group they are if they are still interested in each other's 
work after all the shows they have done together. I don't know if anyone fell down during their
act (apart from Captain Frodo which happened a lot), but I am sure the other performers would
be the first to their aid if they did.

After the show I was lucky enough to get to talk to Amy G and even asked if her singing skulls
were making an appearance this time (hopefully in a special show.) I was a bit over-eager and
gushy I think as she wanted to know why I would look for footage of people playing ukuleles on
the internet. I also wanted to ask her about the Mermaid Parade on Coney Island and the Daredevil
Opera Company she sang for in New York, but thought it better not to.

If you get the chance to go see this show, do it! The rest of the season is going to sell out
really fast so I wouldn't wait around or you will have to go up to Sydney to see it.

Amy G's website
Video from the La Clique show in Melbourne in 2006
Video of Amy G doing her kazoo act


Created on ... December 30, 2006