Kitten Kon 2000

21/4/00 11.45pm

I've just got back from the first night of the Kon.

It's been great so far, from 4.30pm to 7.00pm I watched
Goodies videos (stopping only briefly to go see
Tim Brooke-Taylor in the next room.) and then
went to have a chat to Dave O'Neil and Kate Langbroek
who were filming something for the Comedy Channel.

Dave seemed quite an OK bloke, but Kate bailed me up
against a wall trying to get me to tell her if I'd
seen the picture of her from Chances on the Internet.

Kate said Shaun Michalef and Tony Martin read,
as well as Rob Sitch 'who has a quick peek'.

At 7.30pm the trivia night started, and I happened
to get a seat on the same table as Matthew K. Sharp,
all time legend of Goodies trivia (and Channel 31 regular)

It's was a tie for first place, we was robbed!

Matthew K. Sharp didn't know which football team
Tim Brooke-Taylor supported (Nottingham), but I
thanked him for answering most of the questions for
our team anyway.

Tomorrow we get a Q&A session with Tim-Brooke Taylor
and a live Internet video link with Bill Odie and
Grahame Garden at 9.00pm.

22/4/00 11:53PM

I got a shock when I woke up at 8:00AM instead of 6:30AM today
as my alarm was set on radio instead of buzzer (it was only just
set on radio so it didn't make any noise.)

I got down to the Kon about 9:00AM and I needn't have worried
about missing anything realy since everyone was watching videos
in the viewing room. (I watched Kitten Kong, Invasion of the Moon
Creatures and some of Kung Fu Capers - Ecky-Thump until Tim Brooke-Taylor
showed up.)

I quickly ran into the main room just in time for Tim's first Q&A
session, which went rather well and Tin commented that he didn't
want to go in when he saw the Ekythump episode was playing (he had
a point too.)

I left before the auction, but I did find out later that someone
bid $240AUD for an original Ekythump black pudding prop used in the
Kung Fu Capers episode along with some other items.
(I heard a figure of $13,000US mentioned for a copy of the book
'Goodies Disaster Movie' signed by all three members of the Goodies and
for sale on the web.)

After coming back for lunch and watching some of the Goodies on
'Where are they now' I saw everyone lining up for the signing by TBT,
an hour later, I had my Kon Programme and a Goodies T-Shirt signed
(I bought the 2 remaining XXL avaiable on the day - Ha!)

The next highlight of the day were screenings of the rare episodes
'Caught in the act' and 'Hype Pressure' - The second one probably
wasn't shown on the ABC because of the sex and nudity.

I then saw the end of 'The Goodies Rule - OK' (with the big dog and
Bill and Ben the flowepot men) and some of 'Have I got news for you'
(the original version of GNW) with Graeme Garden in it, which I
ran out on since I saw people going in next door, where they
were doing a version of "I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue' for the Kon.

The brillant show 'If I Ruled the World' was on next
(with Tim and Graeme in it), and then a discussion/video shorts
from 'At Last the 1948 Show' and 'Marty', then best thing about this
part was that Tim hadn't seen some of the shows for years and he commented
about the various shows in between the clips.

I met some more of the Kitten Kon attendees I recognised from the Trivia
Night over at Macca's on Victoria Parade - As Graeme said: Fools rush in
'as soon as the McDonalds opens.'

I got back from tea in time to watch 'Come Dancing/Wicked Walzing' which
was a crack up, and then got to the bar in time to see the finishing
of the Costume Parade and the start of the Karaoke - at one point, two
people from the organising people ran out, one of them fell over and the
other one started hitting him with an Ekythump black pudding.

I also talked to Dave O'Neil again (how he kept getting in for free is
anyone's guess.)

After watching the start of 'Clown Virus' I rushed in to see that
'The Goodies Almost Live' had started in the main hall and watched that
until they cut it off for the live chat with Graeme and Bill.

The chat was, without a doubt probably the best thing of the weekend so far
(apart from some of the rarer episodes of the Goodies and the 1948 show)
and Graeme and Bill got into the spirit of things right at the begining
by claiming Tim was actually a bloke called Rupert that Graeme met in
the pub a few weeks ago and that Tim was playing golf in England.

Graeme also sported a rug, which he removed to much
cheering from the audience.  After asking all the questions submitted
earlier by attendees, Tim started getting questions from the audience and
making his own up, which led to some very funny moments.  It was great
and the live videoconference with the two went for longer than I expected,
about 1&1/2 hours.

After watching the entire episode of 'At Last the 1948 Show' I saw clips
from earlier in the day, I went home.

I've really liked the Kon so far, and I've noticed that there is a low
ratio of men with beards as compared to women (it's not like a regular
sci-fi convention at all.)  I also looked for anyone from
who said they would turn up, but no one recognised me (except Dave O'Neil)
(I thought Amy Bridger and some other bloke were coming?)

Tomorrow is the final day and we get: A discussion about the ABC Cuts
to the Goodies, Goodies vs Monty Python debate, some more rare episodes
another Q&A and autograph session with Tim Brooke-Taylor, another auction
and a screening of the uncut version of the Episode 'Earthanasia'.

23/4/00 12:10AM

I got home from the CBD about 1/2 an hour ago, since the Kon finished
at 5PM today, I decided to go into the city to have tea and catch a
few shows on the last night of the Comedy Festival.

I actually did set the alarm this morning, but I couldn't be bothered to
get out of bed that early so I left at about 7:45AM and got down to the
Kon in time for the Easter Egg hunt in the Fitzroy Gardens
(since not many people participated, I'd say there's still tons of easter
eggs lying about in the northern most part of the Gardens now.)

Alison and the other bloke on the front desk appreciated the handful I
gave them, and I handed out one each from the other handful I got to
the people in the video room and ate the four left over.

Due to the fact that Matthew K.Sharp was late, I stayed to watch the
'South Africa' Episode with Tim being beaten up and Appart-Height.
When I finally went to the main room, they were showing the various
'mock ads' during the series along with the cut footage, after which
they had the Goodies vs. Monty Python panel.

I left for lunch as soon as the auction started and got back in time
to see the final original script auctioned (for 'A Change of Life') $125AUD
and several photographs ($15-50AUD).

Contrary to what they did last night, they actually played the entire
'A Collection of Goodies' episode, even though they were running late
and Tim came in for another Q&A session (I never asked him if a computer
game based on The Goodies was coming out, and if not, could I make one?)

Straight after Tim left the Q&A session, almost everyone left the main
room for the Autograph session (which went for two hours!) and I got
back in time to watch the reconstructed version of 'Earthanasia' and
the closing ceremony.

Tim Brooke-Taylor also suggested that there should be a 'Alison Bean Fanclub'
owing to all the work she did (along with Tracey Baird and the rest of the
commitee) to get the Kon running.

I got into the CBD about 6PM, had dinner and decided to go see a show
before Dave O'Neil so I wouldn't be hanging around the streets after dark.

I saw Denise Scott in 'Suburban Riot' at the Town Hall, which was very
good, and had a lot of asides to the audience (she was relaxing on her
last night), but it also had some good dramatic moments as well.

I also chatted to Dave Callhan on the steps of the Town Hall,
one of the people I had seen at the Kon, and a few of the staff at
the town hall (since they were working, they couldn't run away.)

I walked up to the Hi-Fi Bar just as Dave O'Neil was getting me and said
hello and then waited for his show to go on (Johnny Vegas was late as
usual!), it was only 25 minutes late this time, not 35. (I also saw
Kim Hope waiting to get in too (although she thought I was a nutter.))

I don't know if it was because it was the last show, or because he just
wanted to be a smart arse, but Dave seemed to want to make me the centre
of attention somehow - He never would have got away with talking to me
for five minutes about Kitten Kon otherwise, then hitting me on the
head with an Ecky-Thump I had bought at the Kon for $6 - he also kept
"It's not Goodies, but it's good."

Then he asked me where I lived, and I told him where I lived and
a few of the famous people that came from there (GOD - Gary Ablett,
Matthew Knights, etc.) - He then went on to say 'Drouin' very badly
for the rest of his act (You should say it like - "Where's the next train
going to?" - "To rack and ruin"). After talking to Dave after the show,
I caught a taxi back to where I am staying.

Thank You.

Go Essendon! Storm the Field on Anzac Day and teach Collingwood a lesson,
for being, well, Collingwood of course! 

Created on ... December 30, 2006